Understanding What Holistic Therapy Can Do For You

Understanding What Holistic Therapy Can Do For You

The word holistic means exactly what it sounds like. Whole. When referring to psychology, it means incorporation of every aspect of your mind and body. When referring to medicine, it means incorporation of your whole body and spirit and mind.

When referring to psychology, it means incorporating every aspect of your mind and body. When referring to medicine, it means incorporation of your whole body, spirit, and mind.

If you’re looking for therapy that accounts for your whole being, look no further than holistic therapy.

A Short History Of Holistic Therapy

The recent popularity of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) isn’t new. Throughout American history, CAM rose in popularity in the mid-1800s and the early-1900s.

Not all instances of CAM popularity were holistic in nature, however. Some have survived into the contemporary medical world.

Hydrotherapy is one of the practices that has survived and has been accepted into mainstream medical practice.

Eastern medical traditions are now the most used in holistic therapy. Beginning in the 1970’s, many Americans began to accept holistic practices alongside contemporary medical practices.

Many doctors see the benefits of alternative holistic therapies on their patients.

What Are Holistic Therapies?

1. Reiki

Reiki is a spiritual medicine from Japan. A man by the name of Mikao Usui developed the practice in the early 1900s.

The idea is that the hands can transfer energy and heal the body.

Ki is your life force energy. It’s the second part in the etymology of the word Reiki.

The two words used to form Reiki are spiritual healing words in Japanese. Rei stands for a guiding force in the universe and ki is the non-physical energy transferred in Reiki therapy.

Reiki mainly uses the mind as a source for healing. Meditation and energy transfer are the core attributes for Reiki healing as a holistic therapy.

2. Crystal Healing

Crystal healing dates back to the Egyptians. It’s the ancient practice of wearing crystals for healing.

Chinese and Hindi cultures also believed in the power of crystal healing. And various stones are associated with the seven chakra points on the body.

A healer will place stones on your chakra points. These correspond to healing in several areas of the body.

3. Meditation And Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan singing bowls are an ancient tradition associated with meditation. The sounds they create instill in you a deep state of relaxation.

90% of all doctors visits are related to stress and its effects on the body.

Meditation and relaxation are proven to melt away stress. Stress is one of the common factors in things like high blood pressure, headaches, diabetes, skin problems, heart problems, depression, and anxiety.

A fifty-minute session of meditation aided by Tibetan Singing bowls will help you relax your body and eliminate stress.


Your body is a complex system of physical and spiritual energies. And a truly holistic therapy will take into account the whole body and mind. While holistic healing sessions do not replace the medical advice of your physician, they serve as the perfect compliment to your personal holistic practices.

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