Sound Healing Using Crystal Singing Bowls

Sound Healing Using Crystal Singing Bowls

Even if you have never tried it for yourself, the chances are that you have heard about energy healing using crystal singing bowls.

Are you a little skeptical? Wondering how this could possibly work? Then read on, because this type of healing has its roots in science.

Around the turn of the 19th century, scientists switched their understanding of the universe, recognizing that everything – including humans – were made out of energy.

Ancient Energy Healing

And with that knowledge came a better understanding of ancient healing traditions, that revolved around the balancing of energy. For example, the Chinese talk about Chi or Qi, meaning life force or life breath.

When that energy is blocked, we can experience all sorts of physical and mental problems, from depression to cancer.

Carried out by trained practitioners, energy healing can bring many benefits, from strengthening our immune systems to relieving pain and increasing creativity.

Crystal Singing Bowls

Sound healing has long been considered beneficial, and this treatment is often carried out using crystal singing bowls. The presence of crystals makes the healing even more powerful.

Crystals emit a very strong energy and will help alleviate problems such as stress and anxiety. After a crystal healing session, you will feel more relaxed and more positive.

Crystal singing bowls come in many different forms and may include precious metals, gemstones or minerals. Your practitioner will understand what type of bowl is best suited to your ailment.

Using Vibration To Heal

We talk about sound healing and singing, yet is it actually has a lot more to do with vibration, Anything that moves, vibrates. And those vibrations can affect how our body’s systems work. That old saying about feeling ‘out of whack’ sums it up well.

Therefore, the vibrations caused by the crystal singing bowls can be used to realign our energy and free up any blockages.

Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for many centuries for both healing purposes, and meditation. Because they create a range of sounds, they can restore our normal vibratory frequencies, and therefore, good health.

Great For Meditation

As a tool for meditation, crystal singing bowls offer a perfect pitch to place us in a deep, relaxed, almost trance-like state. Once in this state, it is much easier to release deep-rooted fears and anxieties.

Now, more than ever before, is a good time to give energy healing a try. Our lives are so busy and hectic, and we are experiencing more stress and, all too often, too little sleep. All of this impacts our natural immune system, making us prone to disease and illness.

It can also deeply affect our mental wellbeing. If you are feeling worn out, depressed, and lacking in direction, a healing session with crystal singing bowls would help unblock the anxieties that are holding you back.

Protection From Negative Energy

There’s one other, very important reason why energy healing is now so important. We are surrounded by dangerous, negative energy, due to the number of electrical appliances and wireless devices we use.

EM – or Electromagnetic – is all around us. In our homes and offices, even in our cars. And much research is going on into its effect on our health.

Positive energy healing could go a long way towards minimizing the effects of EM, and restoring good health.