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MWC strives to provide you with a comprehensive selection of wellness options. Below you will find samples of services offered. For a free consultation or appointment, please email or call 856-248-0336 to set up a date and time.

*Gift certificates are available and make the perfect gift holidays, birthdays, the Bride-To Be, etc.
*Packages expire 4 months from the date of purchase

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)®

During this relaxing 60 minute session, your IET®  practitioner will work to remove negative physical, emotional, mental and karmic energy imprints from your energy field and in turn, integrate positive energy imprints

Signature Healing Session

A relaxing and healing one hour session that blends Reiki, IET® and Crystal healing, all tailored to fit your specific needs

Reiki Healing Session

This soothing one hour session promotes physical healing and emotional clarity using Usui Reiki

Crystal Healing Session

During this relaxing session, your practitioner will tap into energy emitted from crystals to facilitate healing. The crystals work with your body to help alleviate stress, anxiety, promote focus, increase energy and much more!

Sound Healing Session

A relaxing 50 minute session using sounds & vibrations generated by Singing Bowls and other instruments to promote healing

Special Deals:

(3) One hour IET® Sessions (Integrated Energy Therapy®)
(3) One Hour Signature Healing Session
(3) One hour Reiki Sessions
(3) Sound Healing or Singing Bowl Sessions

Sessions can be adjusted at the request of the client.

Additional Services:

  • Distant Healing Reiki or IET® Session
  • 30 minute Reiki, IET® or Crystal Session for Children under 16
  • 20 minute Reiki, IET® or Crystal for Animals
  • Master Sound Healing Training
  • Reiki & Integrated Energy Therapy® training

Other services provided include:

Angel Card Readings

Ministerial Services

Guided Meditations

Intuitive Sessions

Please call for prices and to make an appointment